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Root 66


The Root 66 is a real advance in sectional cable machine design. No mid-range machine has its versatility and power.

Look at its versatility. You can drive 5/8" cables for lines up to 3" and 7/8" cables for 4" lines – and you can switch from one to the other in seconds, without touching the jaws, without an adapter, without tools. And for sink drain work, slip on a drum that holds smaller cables.

To operate, just feed a cable into the line and slide the back end into the machine. The excess cable goes into a guide tube. Turn on the sealed motor, press down on the handle, and the Root 66 starts spinning the cable at 400 rpm.

The cable stops rotating as soon as you lift the handle, so there’s no additional torque buildup. When using a drum for small drain work, the drum stops turning when you lift t he handle to the neutral position.

The Root 66 has a wide four point base for greater stability. Its interlocking tubular construction also gives it excellent durability. To protect the gears from dirt and for easier cleaning, the machine has two internal plastic shields. A ground fault circuit interrupter is standard equipment.

Root 66


Optional Dolly
A dolly that clamps onto the Root 66 in seconds.
Optional Drum
Hold 5/16" and 3/8" cables for small drain work
Universal Jaws
Jaws handle both 7/8” cables (shown) or 5/8” cables. No adapter required.
Root 66 Accessories
Includes cables carriers, drum for small drain work, a rear guide hose, and a tool box. (Standard on 7/8” units.)
Cutter Set for 5/8" Sectional Cables with "R" Connector – Catalog #R-8CS
Part Number
Arrow Head
Starting Drill (Gets water flowing)
Boring Gimlet
For removing loose objects
1-1/2" U-Cutter
R-1-1/2 UC
For cutting and scraping
Retrieving Tool
For removing loose objects and broken cables
Coupling Key
To disconnect cables and cutters

Cutter Set 7/8" Sectional Cables with "R" Connectors – Catalog #R-10CS
Part Number
Spear Head
Starting Drill (Gets water flowing)
Hook Auger
For removing loose objects
2" & 3" U-Cutter
For cutting and scraping
Retrieving Tool
For removing loose objects and broken cables
Coupling Key
To disconnect cables and cutters

Root 66 Units – Complete and Ready to Operate (Includes rear guide hose)
RT-66-A with six 7.5R8 sections, a CC cable carrier and an R-8CS cutter set.
RT-66-C with five 15R10 sections, a CC cable carrier, and an R-10CS cutter set and a tool box.
RT-66-D Combines Units A and C.
RT-66-E Same as RT-66-D, plus drum with 25 ft. x 5/16" cable (25HE1-A) installed. (Cat No. 66-25A)
To substitute 7/8" Proflex sections for standard 7/8" sections on any complete units, add suffix "P", as RT-66-C-P
220/230 & 240 Volt/50 Hz units are available.

BOLD listing denotes the best-selling model.

Root 66 Specifications
42 lbs. (19 kg)
16" deep; 14" wide; 17" high. (40 cm x 35 cm x 43 cm)
Sealed 1/2 hp with forward – off – reverse switch, ten foot power cord and
ground fault circuit interrupter.
(Optional) Holds 25 ft. of 5/16” cable for 1-1/2” to 2” lines, or 35 ft. x 3/8” cable for 2” to 3” lines.
Drip Guards:
Two shields to protect bearings and motor from dirt and moisture.
Pull down two position handle to spin cables at 400 RPM. Lift to stop.
Brake stops spinning drums instantly.
7 1/2 ft. x 5/8" (Cat #7.5R8) for 1-1/4 to 3" lines up to 100 ft.
15 ft. x 7/8" (Cat # 15R10) for 2 to 4" lines up to 125 ft.
“T” slot couplings slide together to lock and uncouple.
Cutter set for 7/8" cables:
Spear Head, 2" U-Cutter, 3" U-Cutter, Hook Auger and Retrieving Tool.
Cutter set for 5/8" cables:
Arrow Head, Boring Gimlet, 1-1/2” U-Cutter and Retrieving Tool.
Drive both 5/8" and 7/8" cables without adjustment; also grip containers for smaller diameter cables.
Keyed for longer life and less slippage.
Leather Gloves:
Double palm, for hand protection when guiding cable.

Made in USA

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