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Quality DIY Drain Cleaners still made in the USA

Don't look off-shore for DIY drain cleaning tools. You can find top quality drain cleaning tools made right here in the USA by General Pipe Cleaners. In business since 1930, we are a third generation family owned company that manufactures a full line of drain cleaning tools designed for the hardware/DIY market, including drain augers, top snakes, toilet augers, flat sewer rods, and inexpensive power drain cleaners for the home handyman. General snakes and components are made of high quality steel, making them the most durable in the industry. All are presented in attractive full color packaging and instructions in English, Spanish, and French. Proudly made in the USA. Click on a tool you’re interested in for more information. Or contact the Drain Brains® at General.


Drain Augers

Increase drain auger sales by ordering Drain Augers with these attractive tamper-resistant plastic display bags. Complete directions on the back in English, French and Spanish. Premium Drain Augers have professional-type sliding crank handles with smoothly working hand grips. This feature gives the augers a more attractive, high quality appearance.

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A cleaner way to clear clogged drains. The Spin-Thru™ and Clog Chaser™ contains a 1/4” (6 mm) spring that’s fed out of the drum into the line, keeping it away from clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Available in professional metal containers or less expensive plastic. The power spindle option lets users add an electric drill. Supplied with tri-lingual display card and instructions.

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Closet Augers are the choice of plumbers and maintenance personnel for clearing clogged toilets. General offers four models. Our Professional closet auger features dual layer inner core to resist kinking while providing the right amount of flexibility. All are supplied with tri-lingual display card and instructions.

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Toilet Auger


The Drill Snake is an innovative tool that attaches to an electric drill. The snake is encased in a plastic tube that remains stationary as the snake is rotated by an electric drill. For safety, the unit is equipped with an automatic clutch that slips if the boring head gets caught in the line.

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Drill Snake
Flat Sewer Rod

Flat Sewer Rods are made from non-kinkable, high carbon, oil tempered steel. Equipped with aluminum grip handle and steel spear head. Available in 25 ft., 50 ft., 75 ft., and 100 ft. lengths.

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Opens clogged drains with water pressure. Just attach to garden hose and slide Drain Flusher into drain. Water expands Flusher to size of pipe. Then water pressure pushes stoppage down the line. Equipped with backflow preventer on the inlet side.

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Drain Flusher

Flood-Guard™ operates like a check valve to seal off water back-up caused by overloaded sewers. Water flows normally through the drain until the sewer begins to back up. Then the Flood-Guard float rises to seal off the drain opening until the water recedes.

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Flood Guard
Super Slice

Cut through plastic tubing quickly and cleanly with the SuperSlice™. A patented V-point blade pierces hard or soft plastic tubing, then slices through to give a clean, easy cut with virtually no tube deformation. Cuts up to one inch (25 mm) diameter.

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Tube Cutter

Quicker than conventional copper tubing cutters, the AutoCut™ is a great tool to have when you don’t have enough swing room to use a full size tubing cutter. You can cut copper tubing with less than one inch of clearance. Or you can easily handle close stub-out work. Just snap it on the tube, close the gate and turn. The cutter wheel automatically tightens as you turn the AutoCut - no knobs to twist.

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The ideal tool for copper preparation work, the CopperKey™ cleans copper tubing and fittings in seconds. The patented ratchet handle lets you work in really tight places where there isn't enough swing room to spin the handle. Just two or three inches of clearance are all you need to prep tubing inside and out.

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Copper Key

You’ll find dozens of uses for the EasyReach™; it’s a real labor-saver. Clean traps and manholes of rocks and debris; grab objects from hard to get at places, and change light bulbs. You can even retrieve golf balls from ponds and pick fruit from trees. Available in 32”, 60”, 72”, 96” and 120” lengths. Longer models fold in half for easier storage and transport.

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Easy Reach


Power Line

Drain Gun  Little Mike Micro-Rooter

The BD Drain Gun™ clears sinks, shower drains, and laundry tubs. This light weight hand-held power drain cleaner features tough flexible wire rope inner core cables, sure grip chuck, rust-proof aluminum drum, and convenient grip shield.

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The Micro Rooter™ clears inside lines up through 3" in diameter. The professional steel drum holds 50 ft. x 3/8" wire rope center cable and can be removed in seconds. The machine features a Jacobs hand-tight chuck and for safety and speed control.

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The Little Mike™ is very similar to the Micro-Rooter™ with a metal drum and variable speed pneumatic foot pedal. The smaller lighter weight unit uses a smaller drum with a thumb screw for gripping the cable. You get power drain cleaning at a very reasonable price. With 50 ft. x 5/16” cable.

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